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Creativity, Entrepreneurship, University Studies and Local Institutions: a Reflexion upon Improving their Relationship and their Creativity

Dr. Mª Victoria Sanagustín Fons
Prof. Esther Puyal Español
Prof. José Antonio Moseñe Fierro
Prof. Carlos Rubio Pomar
Estudiante Jesús Tricas Olivan
Dª Mª Carmen Galán López
D. Juan Rodríguez Bielsa

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We shall present a reflexion upon how to improve a creative environment among entrepreneurs, university students and local institutions in the province of Huesca (Aragón).
     In our region we find a group of entrepreneurial initiatives that are focused on new employment sources, especially in the tourist sector. They have initiated many enterprises but unfortunately these follow a traditional model, offering conventional products with no real innovation. This model cannot sustain itself against one of the main tourist drawbacks, tourist seasonability. As a consequence, these new enterprises offer no solution to precarious employment.
     We see here a contradiction between the new “post-modern” tourist profile, with its new necessities and desires, and a qualified employment supply. Because of the expansion both of university studies and of professional organisations related to the tourist sector, tourism studies have been promoted by local administration. This situation drives towards an “overeducating” situation or subemployment.
     Our presentation will bring together these two, widely separated realities in a county where tourism accounts for 20 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product and the service sector is increasing while industry and the primary sector are decreasing.
     We start our proposal from these two vantage-points:
* Cultural change in enterprises needs to be based on participation with other social agents (institutions, students…)
* Creativity increases more in a heterogenic group than in a single one.
We are trying to improve relationships and creativity between university and enterprises and local institutions.
     Our methodolgical point of view is based on action-participation-research. Our approach is oriented towards a teaching method where students will work with entrepreneurs to create innovative ideas and grow their own employability, in a framework supported by local institutions. An interdisciplinary and creative group such as this one will guide and lead the projects.

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